Gravat Aquelarre de Yoshi Sislay


Gravat fet a partir d’una obra de Yoshi Sislay i fou estampat pel Taller 46 sobre un paper Guarro de 80x40cm.

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The city of Cervera, in Catalonia, this year are celebrating the 39th edition of the Aquelarre party or the ‘witches reunion’, which will start on Friday night and end on Sunday. On the 26th, 27th and 28th of August the old streets of Cervera will be filled with mysterious figures, “correfocs” (fire runs), magicians and witches in what has to be one of the largest and most colorful dark-arts festivals in all of Spain. That celebration closes the cycle of the summer and opens the new school course.

On this special and magical occasion, La Cerverina d’Art gallery has edited an artwork created by the famous Japanese artist, Yoshi Sislay. That has engraved by the Taller 46 / Barbarà’s engravings atelier. The work printed in positive and negative, costs 150 € per unit or you can take advantage of this special pricing on both, negative and positive, paying only 275 € (all taxes are included), plus 10 € to cover the shipping costs.

And you can purchase it online, by mail, Facebook or through our website:

Size: 80x40cm
Paper: Guarro Casis super alpha cream of 250 gr.